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Established in 2017, Freedom Wealth Services is a multi-disciplined wealth planning and advisory firm with a mission to help clients achieve their financial goals and enjoy freedom. As a self-licensed firm that is not tied to any product or product issuer, we operate across multiple channels to provide the most suitable wealth creation strategies based on each client’s unique needs. We’re dedicated to empowering you, making you confident about your decisions, and secure your future through our holistic approach. 

We Are Not Owned by the Big Banks

We don’t sell products for our employers or partners. We are a fee for service advisory and our mission is to help you achieve your goals by advising on strategy first and products second. While there’s no standard fee as it depends on each individual’s requirements, rest assured that we keep our fees to a minimum and maintain transparent pricing.

Suit Yourself

Our team offers flexible solutions. This means we won’t insist that we fully manage your finances. You’re in control of our level of involvement — you can come to us for one-off assistance, ongoing comprehensive management, or simply have us on standby for difficult financial decisions.


Throughout our years of solid experience in wealth planning and advisory, we’ve encountered the simplest and most challenging scenarios. Be one of the many we’ve helped to achieve financial security and peace of mind.


We are committed to helping you achieve financial freedom. So we take the time to understand your needs and goals and proactively guide you in every aspect of your financial life.

About Brett Newbound

Senior Financial Adviser | Head of Advice, Compliance, and Tax

We are not owned by the big banks and we are a member of the Association of Independently Owned Financial Professionals. When you partner with us, you won’t have to worry about potential conflicts of interest us selling you our employers’ products.

Brett Newbound

Brett commenced working in financial services back in 1992, and brings a well-rounded financial skill set to his clients. From running bond funds to lending, banking, taxation strategies, superannuation, wealth coaching, and financial planning, Brett has delved into hands-on experience with financial services for most of his career of almost 30 years.

With a fresh enthusiasm for seizing financial opportunities as they arise, Brett brings passion and drive to the table. He ensures that his clients have an in-depth understanding of financial services from many different perspectives. This ensures that Brett’s clients deal with someone who has a solid grasp on the overall picture, as well as a knack for understanding the details to ensure ongoing improvements are always in focus.

Having previously worked for National Australia Bank, National Trustees, Colonial State Bank, AMP Financial Planning and now running a self-licensed financial advisory, Brett has an in-depth understanding of how the finance sector works. Brett’s aptitude for financial planning, as well as his ability to successfully manage a business are further enhanced by his experience as a self-employed Financial Planner. Having worked for his own business since 2011, he understands the ins and outs of what it takes to make a business run smoothly.

With his passion, experience, and breadth of knowledge, it is no wonder that Brett specializes in wealth coaching. The nuances of taxation strategies, superannuation, finances, investment strategies, and risk management are all parts and parcels of his extensive repertoire. This means that our clients’ financial affairs are managed by an advisor who really knows the game.

About Matthew Mahon

Accountant, Financial Adviser, and Head of Tax Advice, Tax Planning, and Tax Compliance

Matthew Mahon is a highly experienced Accountant, Financial Adviser, and Head of Tax Advice, Tax Planning, and Tax Compliance. With over 30 years in the industry, Matthew has worked with ASX and NYSE listed companies, specializing in tax, compliance, and financial analysis in both domestic and international markets.

As a key partner in building a holistic advisory business, Matthew’s expertise lies in tax planning, business restructuring, financial analysis and reporting, tax office dealings and negotiations, retirement planning, superannuation advice and planning, financial planning and advice, shares and investment advisory, and mortgage brokering.

About Marco Stolfo

Practice Manager | Head of Practice Management and Paraplanning

Marco Stolfo, a seasoned finance professional, brings over 30 years of experience to his role as Practice Manager and Head of Practice Management and Paraplanning. His career in the financial services industry began in the late 1980s at State Bank Victoria, where he embarked on a journey that would lead him to work with several ASX listed companies in the financial services sector, honing his expertise and gaining valuable insights along the way.

About Phil Marendaz

Senior Accountant and Business Adviser

With over 40 years as a practicing accountant and commercial manager, Phil Marendaz saw the many mistakes people made in using inappropriate structures in their business, and the frustration which resulted. With particular experience in the industry and commerce sectors, Phil has spent a large part of his career involved with assessing acquisitions, business planning and consulting, and company restructuring. Unique in the accounting industry, Phil’s spirited pursuit of better business practice has changed the lives and businesses of many of his clients.

About Alyza Zaldarriaga

Customer Service

Realizing her enthusiasm for the financial planning industry, Alyza has made the decision to pursue a career as a qualified financial advice by transferring her university studies to the field of financial planning and wealth management. Alyza is now studying for a bachelor’s degree in financial planning at university, eagerly absorbing every aspect of the field to become a well-rounded financial expert. As your trusted financial advisors, our goal is to create wealth and abundance for our clients, not to sell products for the big banks! Contact us today. 

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As your trusted financial advisors, our goal is to create wealth and abundance for our clients, not to sell products for the big banks! Contact us today.


    Privately Owned

    We are self-licensed, a privately owned financial planning practice that operates on a fee for service model. We are not owned by any banks or financial products that may sway our advice. You can therefore be confident that there is a full suite of financial products and services at your disposal. This means you are able to access whichever ones are genuinely most appropriate for your unique situation.

    The Association of Independently Owned Financial Professionals, our chosen body for membership, and we are proud to maintain membership with this association. Being members of this association helps ensure we remain accountable to our status as a self-licensed fee for service advisory.

    Freedom Wealth Services is committed to maintaining best practice standards across the board, ensuring we adhere to regulatory requirements, and holding qualifications that you can rely on:

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