Brett Newbound

Senior Financial Adviser | Head of Advice, Compliance, and Tax

Brett Newbound is an experienced Senior Financial Adviser and Head of Advice, Compliance, and Tax Planning at Freedom Wealth Services. With a career spanning over three decades, Brett has amassed extensive expertise in the financial services industry.


Brett started his financial services journey in 1992 at National Mutual. He then progressed into banking, gaining valuable experience at NAB, St George, and Colonial State Bank. Additionally, he worked in trustee services and funds management at National Australia Trustees. In 2010, Brett entered the field of financial planning through the AMP Adviser Academy. From 2011 to 2021, he operated as a self-employed senior financial adviser and mortgage broker at Logic Financial Services. Following the merger of Logic Financial Services into Freedom Wealth Services in 2021, Brett continues his self-employed practice, providing financial advisory, tax advisory, and mortgage brokering services.


Brett’s dedication and expertise have led to numerous accolades throughout his career. He is the recipient of multiple awards, recognizing his excellence in practice and advisory services. In 2021, he was nominated for the prestigious IFA Award for “Transformation Company of the Year.” Notably, Brett has established a holistic advisory business that operates as a self licensed practice, ensuring client-centric services without ownership or control by any of the banks, super funds, investment firms, or product issuers.

Brett specializes in a wide range of areas, including retirement planning, superannuation advice, wealth advice, financial planning, shares and investment advise, taxation advise, self-managed superannuation (SMSF) funds, retirement and pre-retirement advice, mortgage broking, debt management, and as a registered service provider for Centrelink. He also serves as the responsible manager of the AFSL and Credit Licences as well as the chair of investment and compliance committees.

Brett Newbound holds multiple qualifications that underscore his commitment to professional excellence. He is a licensed financial adviser, mortgage broker, tax (financial) adviser, debt and credit management service provider, and licensed Victorian real estate agent. Furthermore, Brett is a member of esteemed professional associations, including the Association of Independent Financial Advisers (AIOFP), Profession of Independent Financial Advisers (PIFA), and the Mortgage Finance Association of Australia. He is registered with ASIC as a financial adviser, credit adviser, taxation (financial) adviser, and debt management service provider.

Brett’s educational achievements include a Diploma of Financial Services, Advanced Diploma of Financial Services, qualifications in gearing and margin lending, Diploma of Mortgage Broking Management, Listed Securities Advisors course, AMP Financial Planning Academy (Horizons) course and professional year, MFAA train the mentor, real estate agent licensing course, Diploma of Conveyancing, SMSF Advisers course, Certificate in Taxation Fundamentals, completion of the FASEA Exam and Australian Financial Services Licensee (AFSL) Responsible Manager training.
Brett is now undertaking study for a Master’s in Financial Planning and completing some further taxation studies

Brett is dedicated to helping clients achieve their financial goals and dreams. Through a goals-based approach, he strives to understand his clients’ values, drivers, and fears, guiding them towards outcomes that are congruent with their beliefs while being aware of and, addressing their fears. Brett’s unique approach to financial advice that begins with values, fears and goals ensures his clients become passionate partners with him in the pursuit of their financial goals.

Brett’s passion for financial planning extends beyond his clientele, as he actively mentors and advocates for new entrants into the financial services and mortgage broking industries. Additionally, he provides pro-bono assistance to recently divorced individuals and newcomers to Australia.

Brett actively engages with government and regulators, advocating for the financial advice industry and supporting recommendations stemming from the Hayne Royal Commission.

“After years of neglect, I finally took the plunge and sought advice. The Freedom team made it shockingly easy. They now handle my tax, super, and investment advice, making it a breeze to deal with them. Highly recommended.” – Nathan D, IT Specialist

“I felt relieved after reviewing my financial situation and understanding my path. I’m now working with the Freedom team long term to ensure I stay on track. They’ve been instrumental in my financial journey.” – Hayley T, Teacher

Brett is a proud husband and father and loves to spend time with his family. Coming from a rural background he has a deep appreciation for our environment and the natural world. Having participated actively as a seasonal firefighter Brett has been active in playing a vital role in protecting communities and natural resources.

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