Superannuation & Retirement Planning

Boost Your Superannuation and Increase Your Retirement Wealth

Make the most out of your retirement savings — let Freedom Wealth Services guide you in making informed decisions about your Superannuation.

With a long-term focus in mind, we can help you increase your retirement wealth to have a broader range of retirement options. By helping you understand your options, we can empower you to make the best financial decisions according to your goals and preferences.

Through our superannuation and retirement planning service, we can support you in the following ways:

  • Superannuation advice, planning and investment management
  • Lost super and recovery of unpaid super funds
  • Transition to retirement advice and pre-retirement planning
  • Self-managed super advice and management
  • Property through super
  • SMSF borrowing strategies
  • Guaranteed funds
  • Annuities

Whether retirement is still a fair way down the road or it’s just around the corner, we can provide expert advice to help you make optimal choices and maximise what you have.

Partner with us today and let us help you understand how the decisions you make today can impact your future.

How it Works

Our process to help you get the most out of your Superannuation is simple.

  1. Your Free Wealth Check- Once you see your assets, liabilities, expenses, and income sources laid out, we can start working with you to help you discover the strategies that would be the most profitable for you.
  2. Create Your Personalised Goals- You need to be comfortable with the plan moving forward. That is why we make it your plan, not a cookie-cutter formula or a “plan that has worked for many clients.” With your goals in mind, we will work out a timeline to help guide you from where you are to where you can see yourself in the future.
  3. Work Through the Process- At Freedom Wealth, we do not leave you stranded after sorting your goals. Our advisors and interactive wealth tools are available to help you on your financial journey.

Why Choose Freedom Wealth Services

When you choose to work with Freedom Wealth Services, you choose advisors who work for you, not the big banks or other financial entities. You can be sure that our experienced team of professionals is putting 100 per cent of their efforts into looking out for your best interests in your superannuation and retirement plan.

At Freedom Wealth Services, we are here for everyone, not just the very wealthy. Regardless of your situation, we would like to help you achieve the elusive goal of financial freedom. You are in control of how involved we are with your accounts. Our transparent practices and flexibility ensure you can feel confident about our services.


We provide highly personalised financial services to individuals looking to be confident that the expert advice you receive is free from external influences, provided with your goals and best interests first. Read testimonials from previous clients.

“I have a dream to retire early. Now, after getting advice from Freedom Wealth Services, I have a plan that will help me turn my dream into reality. ”

“Freedom Wealth Services helped me consolidate multiple super accounts into one account at a great fund. Thanks for making something so complicated so easy, Freedom Wealth Services.”

“Freedom Wealth listened to my life goals and made it easy for me to see how to take steps in the right direction”

"I’m glad Freedom Wealth Services are available whenever I need help. If you need a good financial adviser, I’d absolutely recommend FWS."


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It is not too late to build wealth for your retirement. We encourage people to start early so they can save for the maximum amount of time. However, our Wealth Through Superannuation Program will help you do the most with the time you have until retirement.

The past is behind you. At Freedom Wealth, we believe that your future starts right now. We have programs that can review your potential, analyse your financial habits, and help you recognise how your behaviours impact your finances.

We can help you with a long-term strategy to help you do more than save for your child’s future. You can create wealth for your child and start them on the road to their future in excellent financial shape.

Awareness is key! Get a free wealth check now!

Not sure how you’re faring financially? Get a free wealth check now and let’s assess how we can improve your financial situation and discuss what you need to do to achieve your desired financial future.

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