Insurance & Estate Planning

Get Things In Order and Secure Your Family’s Future

Life doesn’t always go according to plan. This is why you need to have the right strategies in place and find the best insurance backups for when things take an unexpected turn.

At Freedom Wealth Services, we can help you with independent financial advice from our retirement advisors. We can also help secure your family’s financial future. Speak with one of our financial planners who can assist you in building intergenerational wealth with our tax and estate planning services.

Our insurance and estate planning services experts can help take what you have made through solid wealth management and build long-term wealth. We can ensure that things are in order for the people you want to be cared for and provide peace of mind.

Our insurance and estate planning service includes:

  • Insurance needs analysis
  • Insurance review and advice
  • Life insurance
  • Income protection insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Trauma insurance
  • Insurance claims assistance
  • Personal insurance planning
  • Capital preservation plans and programmes
  • Wills
  • Succession planning
  • Business succession planning
  • Farm succession planning

Let us help you manage your risk and secure your loved ones’ future — get in touch with us today!

How it Works

At Freedom Wealth Services, we use a three-step process to ensure you get the most out of your investments.

  1. A Free Wealth Check
    Our clients and advisors make the best decisions and strategies after seeing assets, liabilities, and expenses on the table.
  2. Create Your Personalised Plan
    For success, you must feel comfortable with your plan and how it will look moving forward. Freedom Wealth financial advisors never try to force clients into a premade format that has “worked for clients in the past.” We do not use cookie-cutter scenarios for our clients. We work out a timeline with your goals in mind. Then we help you achieve these goals.
  3. Work Through the Process with You
    You never need to worry about feeling stranded as you begin your financial journey with us. You can easily access our advisors as well as our helpful interactive wealth tools.

Experts in Insurance and Estate Planning

Freedom Wealth Services has operated with the single goal of meeting our client’s needs. Because we are self-licensed and not affiliated with the big banks or tied to any product or product issuer, our interests are undivided, and our loyalty is to you, our customer. This situation allows us to explore various avenues to find the financial products that will help you achieve your goals.

Our clients are pleased to see significant progress in moving towards their goals. This is mainly because of our customer’s first policy. A part of our commitment to our clients is always listening before acting. We get to know you and learn about the visions and dreams you have for your future. This helps us as we work with you to set your short-term and long-term goals.

At Freedom Wealth Services, our clients choose our level of involvement depending on how comfortable they are. For example, you decide whether we are on standby for tricky decisions, assisting with comprehensive financial management or one-off assistance. We are here for you. Our experience and track record speak for themselves, as we have helped hundreds of clients achieve financial freedom and peace of mind.


We provide highly personalised financial services to individuals looking to be confident that the expert advice you receive is free from external influences, provided with your goals and best interests first. Read testimonials from previous clients.

“I have a dream to retire early. Now, after getting advice from Freedom Wealth Services, I have a plan that will help me turn my dream into reality. ”

“Freedom Wealth Services helped me consolidate multiple super accounts into one account at a great fund. Thanks for making something so complicated so easy, Freedom Wealth Services.”

“Freedom Wealth listened to my life goals and made it easy for me to see how to take steps in the right direction”

"I’m glad Freedom Wealth Services are available whenever I need help. If you need a good financial adviser, I’d absolutely recommend FWS."


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An estate plan is designed to help to protect your family and loved ones minimise taxation upon transfer of assets in a logical and legal manner. It is also to ensure you appoint an executor and trustee and appoint guardians (for example, to look after your minor children) and that your wishes are followed.

A will, on the other hand, dictates where your assets will go after you die, who will be the guardian of your children and more. Where as an estate plan is a broader plan of action for your assets that may apply during your life as well as after your death.

Estate planning tasks include setting up trusts and/or making charitable donations to limit estate taxes, making a will, setting up funeral arrangements and naming an executor and beneficiaries.

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Awareness is key! Get a free wealth check now!

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