Retirement Program

Maximise Your Retirement Funds

Retirement brings mixed emotions, but with Freedom Wealth Services at your side, confusion and anxiety won’t be part of those.

By providing you with a solid financial strategy in place, we can ensure that you’ll enjoy your golden years. From understanding the outcomes of your financial decisions through to maximising your access to Centrelink benefits and minimising tax liabilities, we got your back!

Why Choose the Retirement Program

Our Retirement Program offers the following benefits:

Peace of mind in knowing your life after retirement is secured

  • Retirement can be complex, but we can simplify everything to ensure you’re making the most of this time
  • Stay confident that you’re maximising your financial potential

Understanding your options to decide what’s best for you

  • Explore your options and their financial implications
  • Gain access to expert advice on which route is best to take
  • Have a caring professional ear to listen to what you really want out of retirement and learn a strategy that you can use to get there

Let us help you decide on your living arrangement after retirement and support you in whatever it is you intend to do next — get in touch with us today!

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Awareness is key! Get a free wealth check now!

Not sure how you’re faring financially? Get a free wealth check now and let’s assess how we can improve your financial situation and discuss what you need to do to achieve your desired financial future.

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